Friday, January 11, 2008

Your D40 Flickr Photos and the New Photophlow!

Something new i just came across on Crave. Looks pretty cool but right now they are only allowing you access by invitation. Sign up here and hope for a invite i guess. That's what i did.

Photophlow is a fun way to share flickr photos in real time. invite your friends, search together, chat and comment all at once.

'A comfy coffee lounge'"It really changes the way I use Flickr," said Alex Almeida, who publishes the Phat Photographer blog, who described Photophlow with a different metaphor. With its instant interaction, "it really is like a comfy coffee lounge with a big shoe box of photos where people can chat comfortably and pull any of those photos out of the shoebox and discuss them."



Anonymous said...

Neil from photophlow here. Flickrmail me your address (flickr user: neilberkman) and I'll send you an invite.

Scbbbc said...

Thanks neilberkman, I also just received an invite from my request so I'll just follow that link you guys provided.