Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nikon D40 & D40x Circular Polarizer Filter

Well i just ordered my first Circular Polarizer Filter and cant wait for it to arrive. If the sun ever comes out again here in Northern California I'll be testing it out when it gets here! For me I shoot a lot of outdoors stuff like bass fishing on our the lakes so this will be nice to have. Some people say they never use a circular filter and some say they use them all the time, So i guess it's up to the individual person. After researching all the forums it's clear to me that the Hoya Pro1 DIGITAL Circular polarizer is the one to have. With my 2 lenses i got with my D40, the 18-55mm & 55-200mm VR both take the same size filters 52mm so that's nice. Next I'll probably get a Neutral Density filter. Here are some links all about filters I have found online.

Photo Tip: Polarizing Filters

All About Filters

Filters for Digital Photography

The Two Basic Filter Systems

The Filter Connection

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