Friday, June 3, 2011

New Nikon 50mm f/1.8G Prime Lens with Auto Focus on the D40!

Yahoo! No more manual focus only 50mm prime lens for D40 users. The new Nifty 50 prime with auto focus for Nikon D40 owners has arrived and its only $219!

Fast f/1.8, compact FX-format prime (fixed focal length) lens
Optimized for FX-format D-SLR cameras but equally at home on any Nikon DX-format D-SLR, this updated classic with a fast maximum aperture is ideal for everyday shooting, perfect in low lighting situations and great for producing images with beautiful background blur (bokeh). The AF-S 50mm f/1.8G includes Silent Wave Motor technology (SWM) for fast and precise autofocus, M/A Focus Mode Switch for seamless changes between manual and autofocus operation and an aspherical lens element for outstanding optical performance with high contrast.

  • Fast, upgraded f/1.8, compact FX-format prime lens
  • Newly developed optical system with Aspherical lens element
  • Exclusive Nikon Silent Wave Motor (SWM)
  • M/A Focus Mode Switch
  • Optimized for edge to edge sharpness on both FX and DX-format D-SLRs
Check it out Here!


nikon d300s said...

could you share us sample images which taken this lens?
thank you

KateH said...

Hi, I am also an owner of a D40 (love it but it's getting really worn out!) and besides the kit lens, I have a Sigma 70-300mm and now this wonderful 50mm f/1.8 lens too. I LOVE IT! On sunday I am doing my first photo session with two girls-sisters and I just can't wait to use this.

I do have some "test" pictures that I took to compare f/1.8 and more regular f/5.6 - the difference is great!

Here is a link to my little gallery.

Saikat said...
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