Monday, June 30, 2008

How to Photograph Fireworks with your Nikon D40 & D40x

The 2008 4th of July is just days from now and it's my first opportunity to use my D40 to shot the fireworks so i was looking around for the best advice to get some great shots and i found this info.

Thanks to the guys at Digital Photography School for this great info:

How to Photograph Fireworks Displays

Image above from Stuckincustoms One of my all time favorite pictures.

If you have any more suggestions for fireworks please let me know. Hopefully i can get at least one good shot to share on here next week. Remember lot's of towns do fireworks on the 3rd also so I'm going to count that as a free practice day!
Happy 4th of July...........Hope you get some awesome pictures


Cromer said...

Thanks for posting this topic.

I too am a D40 owner and about to experience my first July 4th with this particular camera.

Thanks again and hope you get some great shots this Independence Day!

btw, on a previous post you blogged about the Dummies book which purchased based on your post. A wonderful read and well worth it! Thanks!

Scbbbc said...

Hello Cromer, I still havent picked up that book but it's on my todo list. I hope you have a great 4th of july and i hope we both get some spectacular shots, Have fun!

Insider said...

thanks for posting this, i own a d40 camera and this post really helps a lot coz my fireworks shot are I can try again with these tips.

katty said...

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