Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nikon D40 & D40x Leather Camera Holster!

Our beautiful leather camera holsters are crafted by hand in the US using the finest full grain cowhide.Each is custom designed to fit your your Nikon, Canon or other Digital SLR camera, including most common kit and all purpose zoom lenses.The front of your lens never touches bottom of case - Your camera rests on, and its weight is supported by the hard-point between the grip and the lens.Holster can be worn with or without flap - allows "quick-draw", and can be worn as a shoulder bag, cross-body or around your waist.Optional matching 2" leather waist belt gets the weight of your camera off of your shoulders and neck and is a very comfortable way to wear the holster.With use and over time your holster will develop a sheen and patina unique to you and your lifestyle. The joy of using this case will be matched only by the many compliments you receive as you wear it.

SkyTop Trading Company D40/x Holster


Anonymous said...

This holster is beautiful and exactly what I am looking for, but the price tag is too much for me. It is half of the cost of the camera. If you brought it down I am sure that it would sell like no tomorrow.

George Barker said...

Thanks (says Skytop Trading) for your comments - by the time you invest in a D40, an 18-200 lens, etc. you'll have well over $1200 in the equipment - may as well have the best and something beautiful & sturdy to carry it in!